NordVPN review


NordVPN is a comparatively modest, Panama-based firm supplying VPN services for individuals. We steadfastly believe that what’s in place makes for an exceptional VPN customer, and we presume the software is only going to get better.

When selecting a VPN, among the first matters that we look at is the firm’s commitment to security and user privacy. NordVPN has that commitment in spades. These are readily overlooked, although there are minor problems with NordVPN.


Pricing Grades

There’s one bundle offered by NordVPN visit here. Users are able to pay for this bundle in various manners.

The servers now possessed by NordVPN are found mostly in Europe, with a smattering in the US and Hong Kong. Servers use OpenVPN VPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols. It’s possible for you to connect to servers using proxy settings too. This lets you connect two applications or only one rather than rerouting your whole connection through a VPN server.
For users who like to use multiple devices, the firm lets you link two devices concurrently. This is pretty middle of the road in regards to VPN service providers; just one connection is allowed by some, some let more than two.

NordVPN, ideal for people wishing to use BitTorrent’s VPN for P2P filesharing supports it. You can get a static IP address with minimal exertion, although the IP addresses offered by the firm are generally dynamic.

Customer Support

We value that customer support is accessible via e-mail and through LiveChat. The chat service was efficient and rapid. When asking questions via e-mail, the answers we received were timely and comprehensive.

If there’s any area where NordVPN shines click, it’s security and seclusion. The encryption amount, 256-bit AES, offered by the business is the same one. PPTP uses 128-bit encryption, and L2TP uses 256-bit encryption. Please be aware since it’s the least safe of the protocols that we do suggest avoiding PPTP.

It follows that NordVPN isn’t required to monitor on-line actions of its customers or the browsing habits. Regardless of what you do you’re 100 percent unattributable behind your VPN wall. The firm happily accepts Bitcoin payments, meaning you can pay anonymously protecting your identity.

We find that, in regards to security and privacy, NordVPN just cannot be overcome.
The NordVPN site is simple to browse and has a clean appearance. Any information you need can readily be found by clicking on the various links. You don’t need certainly to be comfortable with VPN service providers in order comprehend the information which is presented or to get by means of this web site.

Signing Up

We used PayPal to join with NordVPN, however you can opt to use Payera or Bitcoin. During the signup procedure, we were just requested to supply an username and password. We value this easy procedure of enrollment; private advice is asked for by other suppliers.
Once you join, you receive a verification e-mail with account details. We picked to be able to install the software to download a zip file from the web site; this looks like the most easy method now available.
The OpenVPN client is generic and open source, which is good. What you may lose, if you happen to be knowledgeable about other VPN service providers, are the skill to turn on an Internet kill switch, DNS leak protection, or one -click port forwarding.

Supported Platforms

You’ll find in-depth tutorials with screenshots for Windows, OSX and Linux. You can definitely use regular OpenVPN setup files for these platforms, if you select.


What we enjoy about NordVPN:

  • Cleanly laid-out site
  • Anonymous Bitcoin payment choice
  • Room

What we do not enjoy about NordVPN:

  • A little more expensive than most suppliers
  • 2 simultaneous links is less than offered elsewhere

NordVPN isn’t without its shortcomings. Having said that, we do not consider that any of these shortcomings are enough to level consumers towards other suppliers. The firm just has room to grow and, if their commitment to security is any indicator, we’re assured that new attributes will be added and the kinks will be worked out. We urge NordVPN to anyone who needs solitude while browsing the Internet.

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